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XXV UEF Governing Council Meeting, Färna, Sweden

31 August - 03 September 2023

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XXV Governing Council Meeting

Färna – Sweden 

01st of September 2023

 1. Opening of the meeting (President);

2. Role call of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote (Secretary and Treasurer);

3. Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary);

4. Report from the Presidency and Work plans for 2023/24 (Presidency members);

5. Treasurer’s economical report + decision about member fee;

6. Auditors report 2022 (Auditors);

7. Discussion about inclusion of Forestry into EU competence? -  “What is the best instrument to get a more balanced competence within the European Commission?”;

8. Election of a returning officer and his or her deputy,
election of two minutes-takers, who shall count the votes,
and Elections of Presidency members;

9. Applications for new UEF membership;

10. XXVI GCM 2024;

Miscellaneous and Concluding of the UEF Governing Council Meeting 2023 (President) 

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