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XIV Governing Council Meeting 2008 Gmunden, Austria

16 - 18 October 2008

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Minutes of Governing  Council Meeting

17 th October 2008

Gmunden, Austria


1.Opening of the meeting

President Hakan Nystrand opened the Governing Council Meeting. He welcomed very warmly the participants and expressed his thanks to the Austrian  colleagues who organized the Governing Council Meeting.

2. Role call of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote

Secretary , Marian Stoicescu announced the number of organizations members  of UEF ,present at the Governing Council Meeting:14 organizations from 12 countries combined  in the cvorum according to the UEF Constitution.

It was also announced the presence of three new organizations coming from Spain , Albania and Denmark.

Secretary UEF got notice of the number of votes according to the UEF statute in the Governing Council Meeting


3. Adoption of the Agenda

Secretary UEF, Marian Stoicescu, proposed the Agenda of the Governing Council Meeting to be adopted.

The Agenda was approved in unanimity of votes. (Appendix 1)


4.Report from the Presidency

a) There were presented the reports concerning the progress and development since the last GCM.

  • Report of the President H. Nystrand(Appendix 2)
  • Report of Vice-president Niels Christiansen(Appendix 3)
  • Report of Vice-president Michael Diemer (Appendix 4)
  • Report of Secretary Marian Stoicescu (Appendix 5)
  • Report of Assistant Secretary Herve Nemoz Rajot (Appendix 6)
  • Report of Treasurer Bjorn Karlsson (Appendix 7)

b) Matters on the EU and European level presented by Hakan Nystrand

  • Advisory Group on Forest and Cork
    • Report about the meetings and meetings to come
    • Additional comments by Vice-President N Christiansen were made
    • The importance of the Advisory Group as a forum for getting and giving information was noticed
  • Advisory Group on Forest Based Industry
    • No meetings arranged during the past period
  • Workgroup-I  under the Standing Forestry Committee
    • The informal draft report was presented and the member organizations were asked to give comments to the President in two weeks
  • UEF Round Table Meeting in Brussels
    • The next meeting will be arranged in the beginning of next year
  • European Forestry House
    • An agreement with EFH has been signed making it possible to have a UEF address in Brussels
    • By separate agreements it is also possible to arrange meetings and temporary workspace in the EFH
  • MCPFE Process
    • Vice-President Piotr Grygier has been appointed as the UEF delegate in the Expert Level Meetings of the MCPFE Process

c) Work plans for 2008-2009-presented by Hakan Nystrand were included in at the ends of the proceeding reports (Appendixes 2-7)


5. Auditors report on final audits for 2007- was  presented by Marios Christodoulou,UEF auditor


6. Applications for membership in UEF were presented by the President


a) Application of  the Albanian Forest Specialists Association (AFSA)

Mr Proko Arsen  presented the Albanian Forest Specialists Association (AFSA).

 UEF Governing Council  approved the membership.


b) Application of the Profor –Spain

Mr Eduardo Tolosana presented the Profor foresters organization.

UEF Governing Council approved the membership.


c) Association of Danish Masters of Forestry( DFF)

Mr Michael Ollgaard presented Association of Danish Masters of Forestry.

UEF Governing Council approved the membership.

Association of Danish Masters of Forestry  will send UEF secretary the statutes of the organization for UEF archives.


7. UEF Congress 4th-8th of June 2009 in Poland .

Vice –president Piotr  Grygier presented details  of UEF Congress, the draft Congress Programme  and the draft Congress Agenda (Appendix 8)


8. Declaration in connection to the European Forest Week 20th-24th of October 2008.

President Hakan Nystrand presented the drafts of UEF Declaration for European Forest Week.  The final declaration was approved (Appendix 9 )


9. Miscellaneous

Jaroslav Gabszdil from Union of Moravian Foresters,Cech Republic,presented the aspects of international forestry activity of Cech foresters.


10. Concluding of the Governing Council Meeting 2008

President Hakan Nystrand  expressed the thanks to the Governing Council meeting for  the good meeting results  and also for the good practical arrangements of the meeting arranged by  the Austrian organizers.


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