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XVI Governing Council Meeting 2011 Lemesos, Cyprus

12 - 16 October 2011

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Minutes of the UEF- Governing Council Meeting 2011

held on 14th October 2011 in Lemesos - Cyprus

1. Opening of the meeting (President) 
President Håkan Nystrand opened the GCM 2011 at 9.10 a.m. 
A warm welcome to the observer organization from Italy (Dr. Mattia Busti – 3.250 members) 
(32 persons are present)

2. Role call of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote (Secretary and the treasurer)

Not paid: Belgian, Consilva, Sindsilva, Spain, Albania, Croatia 
Austria (1), Germany (1), Cyprus (2), Bulgaria (2), SF (2), Denmark (2), Poland (1), France (1), Sweden (1), Swiss (1); Total: 14 from 22 org. + 6 from presidency

Shoqata Shqiptare e Specialisteve te Pyjeve (Albania) not paid                      -
Verband Österreichischer Förster (Austria) paid p                     
Association des Ingénieus Des Eaux et Forêts et Universitaires de la Division de la Nature et det forêts (Belgium) not paid -
Union of Independent Bulgarian Professional Foresters
paid p
Union of Bulgarian Foresters (Bulgaria) paid p
Hrvatski Sindikat Sumarstva (Croatia) not paid -
Cyprus Association of Professional Foresters (Cyprus) paid p
Foresters Association Graduates of the Cyprus Forestry College (Cyprus) paid p
Danske Forstkandidaters Forening (Denmark) paid p
Danske Skov- og Landskabsingeniører (Denmark) paid p
METO - Metsäalan Asiantuntijat ry (Finland) paid p
Metsänhoitajaliitto Ry (Finland) paid p
Environnement Forêt et Agriculture- Confédération Générale des Cadres (France) paid p
Bund Deutscher Forstleute (Germany) paid p
Society of Irish Foresters (Ireland) not paid -
Liechtensteiner Forstverein (Sektion Förster - Liechtenstein) paid -
Association des Forestiers Luxembourgeois (Luxembourg) paid -
Federatia Sindsilva Chisinau (Moldavia) not paid -
Stowarzyszenie Inzynierow i Technikow Lesnictwa i Drzewnictwa (SITLID - Poland) paid p
Confederatia Consilva (Romania) not paid -
Asociación de Forestales de España (Spain) not paid -
Sveriges Skogstjänstmannaförening (Sweden) paid p
Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architekten-Verein - Fachverein Wald (Switzerland) paid p

p= present 
Number of the votes: 14 associations are present; 22 members (plenum) and 7 presidency members

3. Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary) 
Draft has been handed out to each member; 
Agenda is adopted;

4.1 Reports about the activities since the GCM Annecy 2010 
4.2 Matters on the EU and European level 
     - Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork 
     - Advisory Committee on Forest Based Industry 
     - UEF Round Table Meeting 
     - MCPFE Process (Forest Europe) 
     - Forest Communicators Network 
     - PEFC 
     - SFC work groups (New Forest Strategy Work group)

Report President Hakan Nystrand    
Report Vice President Michael Diemer    
Report Vice President Piotr Grygier   
Report Secretary Herve Nemoz-Rajot    
           * UEF Presidency flash info (for internal use)e 
           * UEF newsletter (to external partners) 
           * Presidency letter 
           * UEF - website 
Report Assistant Secretary Thomas Baschny   

5. Work plans for 2011-2012 (Presidency members) 
It is implemented in the presentations under point 4 
See attached presentations

6. Auditors report 2010 (Auditors and treasurer) 
The treasurer presented his detailed report. 
We are loosing € 5.000,- from Consilva. 
2010: € 25.000,- in income. 
We have one year income in advance.

The auditor from Cyprus (Chris) will present his report. 
He and Boris from Bulgaria prepared the report. All things are o.k. 

7. UEF Homepage matters (Secretary) 
Report Secretary Hervé Nemoz-Rajot (look the attached report) 
The UEF Homepage is updated – please inform Herve about changes, etc. 
Each Member Organization is responsible for updating. 
2011 we paid a lot for the Homepage, because we changed a lot. 
150 connections per week; 460 connections per month; 8.000 connections since January. (Google) 
We have an own download-section (request: link from News to the downloads)

8. Applications for new UEF-membership 
Italian Organization will come to us in the year 2012 (01st of January) 
Dr. Mattia Busti presents his Organization (CONAF) 
Hervé Nemoz-Rajot is in contact with some Organizations. (Croatia, Turkey). 
He is also in contact with Spain. They have a new board and the new president will take part next year. 
Thomas Baschny is in Contact with Hungary (Hungarian Forest Association), Slovenia (State Forest Service), Czech foresters (Mr. Szlaby – Prague); 

The GCM decided to invite someone from these Organizations to the GCM 2012.

9. Expelling of member Organizations (Art.3 point 5 – if needed) 
The presidency discussed this matter during PM on Wednesday. 
We are not sure, that Croatia has been very well informed by Marian Stoicescu. 
We should not expel and wait for clarification; (Perhaps we create a special offer for Croatia)

10. Information and discussion about withdrawing of Consilva and the Vice President Marian Stoicescu 
President Håkan Nystrand gives short information; Consilva took the decision to withdraw and also to withdraw the Vice President; 
Michael Diemer gives short background-information. All decisions are taken by presidency-majority. 
Marian Stoicescu worked unfair and he is not accepting the final decisions. 
It is no need for us to discuss and we hope Consilva will come back (with another president) to UEF. 
Presidency answered very clear in August 2011 to Marian Stoicescu and to Consilva.

Discussion: it is clear for the participants; this acting is unacceptable; we have to write a very polite letter to the countries who are taking part in the new Organization (CEF). Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Moldavia;
Decision: everybody accept the good work of presidency; UEF will stay polite and will see what the future will bring; 100% support for President Håkan Nystrand

11. Withdrawing of Consilva according to the UEF statutes (01. 01. 2012) 
Hervé Nemoz-Rajot explained that Consilva may withdraw on 1st of January 2012. 
No need for discussion.

12. Withdrawing of UEF Vice President Marian Stoicescu 
It is the same like 11. No need for decision.

13. Decision about new election of UEF Vice President (Art. 7 point 5) 
Michael Diemer explained the regulations. (Art.7 point 5 and Art. 6) 
Special election (GCM): we have to decide all rules of election. 
First question: elections due to the Congress rules (total: 47 votes)? 
GCM can also vote due to the GCM rules (1 vote per Organization). 
Result: first choice (Congress rules – major importance) 
Open voting: 11 Secret voting: 3

A matter of importance (3/4 decision)

Point 6.5 of the statutes:

Austria (VÖF)   1 vote
Germany (BDF)   6 votes
Bulgaria (UIBPF)
  1 vote 
  1 vote
Cyprus (APF)
  1 vote
  1 vote
Denmark (DSL)
  3 votes
  3 votes
Finland (METO)
  6 votes
  4 votes
Poland (SITLID)   6 votes
France (EFA-CGC)   3 votes
Sweden (SSF)   4 votes
Switzerland (SIA FVW SSF)   1 vote
+ Presidency   6 votes
TOTAL 47 votes

Election for the coming two years 
Position: Vice President: 
BDF and Meto are proposing Hervé Nemoz-Rajot (many supports) 
No further proposals – only one candidate 
Nobody is against and no abstention 100%

Position: Secretary: Swiss is proposing Thomas Baschny. 
Cyprus is supporting the proposal. (Many supports) 
Nobody is against and no abstention 100 %

Position: Assistant Secretary 
Austria is proposing Anna Petrakieva. (Many supports) 
Nobody is against and no abstention 100%

14. Elections in the Presidency 
(depending of the decisions under point 12) See point 13

15. Miscellaneous 
Discussion about the UEF draft paper ”Contribution to the Stocktaking Exercise Future EU Forestry Strategy” and EU Forest Strategy II.3. Social Aspects (handed out to each participant)
President Nystrand explained that it is very important, and he decides, that we will send out the papers to all Member Organizations and additional remarks from Member Organizations must be sent by e-mail very quickly to him.

We have to add discussing points in addition to draft: 
Social aspects: 
There are two kind of Social aspects – first those demanded by society and secondly those related to the people working in the sector as a base for a proper functioning sector. 
Social demands of people working in the forest sector are needed to ensure a proper functioning of a multifunctional forest sector.

The member organization from Sweden presented draft information about coming GCM 2012 
(10th – 13th of May 2012) in Halmstad (South Sweden);
Information: and their presentation   
Denmark will discuss about themes about Urban Forestry. (GCM 2012 or Congress 2013)

16. Concluding of the UEF Governing Council Meeting 2011 (President) 
President Nystrand thanked for the meeting and closed the GCM 2011 at 16.45 p.m.

Assistant Secretary Baschny

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