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XIX Governing Council Meeting 2015 Ustroń-Jaszowiec, Poland

03 - 06 September 2015

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Minutes of the XIX UEF GCM, 4 September 2015 in Ustron-Jaszowiec, Poland

1.   Opening of the meeting (President)

President Michael Diemer opened the GCM 2015 at 2.45 p.m.

Piotr Paschalis welcomed the delegates on behalf of SITLiD.

35 persons were presented; 10 Nations, 12 Organizations;

Guests: Turkish delegation (2) + 1 representative from EUSTAFOR

2.   Roll calls of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled

      to vote (Secretary and the Treasurer)       

  Present at the GCM 2015 Votes
A Verband Österreichischer Förster (VÖF) 1
BG Union of Independent Bulgarian Professional Foresters (BULPOFOR) 1 (Proxy UBF)
BG Union of Bulgarian Foresters (UBF) 1
CY Cyprus Association of Professional Foresters 1
CZ Ceská Lesnická Spolecnost  (red. Memberfee) 0
D Bund Deutscher Forstleute (BDF) 6
DK Danske Skov- og Landskabsingeniører (DSL) 4
Fin. METO - Metsäalan Asiantuntijat ry 6
S Sveriges Skogstjänstemannaförening (SSF) 4
SH Schweizerischer-Ingenieur-und Architekten-Verein-Fachverein 1
  Votes from the Presidency 7
  TOTAL 41

All present Organizations paid.

3.   Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary)

A draft has been handed out to each member.

Agenda was adopted;

4.   Report from the Presidency and Work plans for 2015 – 2016 (Presidency members)

Michael made a short introduction about Presidency activities and responsibilities since the last GCM in Nessebar – Bulgaria 10 Oct. 2014.

4.1  Matters on EU and European level
- Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on Forestry and Cork

PP-Presentation by President Michael Diemer

PP-Presentation by Piotr Borkowski (EUSTAFOR): “Mission, Objectives, Activities, Challenges

Discussion about the situation in State Forest Organizations. Question: do we look at national individual cases or is it a European wide trend? Should UEF become active in that matter?

And if yes, how?

Result of the discussion: No there is no need of activity for UEF.

  • Expert Group (EG) on Forest based Industry (FBI)

PP-Presentation by Treasurers Björn Karlsson

  • Workgroup on SFM Criteria

PP-Presentation by President Michael Diemer

  • Forest Europe Process and Negotiations about a Legally Binding Agreement for Europe

PP-Presentation by Vice President Tomasz Markiewicz


PP-Presentation by Vice President Hervé Némoz-Rajot and Hakan Nystrandand

  • Forest Communicators Network

PP-Presentation by Secretary Thomas Baschny

4.2  Reports about UEF´s activities

  • Forestry Workcamp

PP-Presentation by Vice President Tomasz Markiewicz

  • UEF meetings and projects

PP-Presentation by Vice President Ilpo Puputti

  • Homepage and Information

PP-Presentation by Vice President Hervé Némoz-Rajot

  • Sleeping and new members activities

PP-Presentation by Assistant Secretary Anna Petrakieva

Speech of the representative of the Turkish Chamber of Forest Engineers (CFE)

(Established 1964 – more than 12.000 members!)

5.   Auditors report 2014 (Auditors)

The auditors from Cyprus (Christodoulos Christodoulou) and from Denmark (Henrik Steffensen Bach) presented the written report. Result: All bills and additional documents presented to the auditors correspond to the existing bank statements for the period of audit. See the attached document!

  1. The treasurer Björn Karlsson presented his detailed report 2015. (PP-Presentation)

Result 2013:   - € 1.308,- (Cost € 32.490,- Income: € 31.182,-)

Result 2014:  + € 9.407,- (Cost € 19.593,- Income: € 29.000,-)

Budget 2015: + € 3.500,- (Cost € 25.500,- Income: € 29.000,-)

Budget 2016: + € 1.500,- (Cost € 27.500,- Income: € 29.000,-)

7.   next GCM

Denmark (DSL) will host the next XX GCM 2016. Short Presentation by DSL (Henrik Steffensen Bach) Location: Area of Copenhagen; Topic: biggest amount of deadwood or UNESCO World heritage or Christmas-trees. It should be in September 2016 (more information will follow later this year).

Germany (BDF) will take care for the XIX Congress 2017.

8. Miscellaneous

President Michael Diemer is giving the “Diplomas” (10 year participation) to 3 delegates.

9. Concluding of the UEF Governing Council Meeting 2015 (President)

President Michael Diemer thanked for the meeting and closed the GCM 2015 at 6.05 p.m.


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