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XIII Governing Council Meeting 2007 Herning Denmark

29 August - 02 September 2007

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Minutes of the Governing Council Meeting in Herning DK





Minutes of the Governing Council Meeting held in





1. Opening of the meeting – president

President Hakan Nystrand welcomed very warmly the participants and expressesd his thanks to the Danish colleagues for organising the Governing Council Meeting and he presented the draft agenda of the Governing Council Meeting.

Mr. Henrik Bach, president of DSL – Denmark welcomed all UEF delegates and future UEF member, croatian delegates and he presented the program for the next coming days, the theme of the seminar and the excursions prepared by his organization.


2. Role call of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote – secretary and the treasurer

Presidency – members (7) and 14 delegates were entitled to vote.

Spain has been brought into discussion, since they haven’t paid the subscrition for 2 years and there are no contacts with representatives of PROFOR.

UEF Presidency propose that PROFOR – Spain should be excluded from UEF. According to UEF Constituion, the organizations which haven’t paid their subscription more than 2 years, are to be excluded. All UEF delegates vote in favor.

Spain is excluded from UEF.


3. Adoption of the Agenda

The Agenda has been adopted and the Meeting proceeded with the discussion of the items.


4. Report from the Presidency

 Reports about the progress and development since the last GCM

- Report of President Mr. H. Nystrand (Appendix 2)

- Report of Vice – president Niels Christiansen (Appendix 3)

- Report of Vice – president Michael Diemer (Appendix 4)

- Report of Vice – president Piotr Grygier (Appendix 5)

- Report of Secretary Marian Stoicescu (Appendix 6)

- Report of Assistant Secretary Herve Nemoz Rajot  (Appendix 7)

- Report of Treasurer Bjorn Karlsson (Appendix 8)


5. MCPFE Conference in Poland 5-7 November 2007

        a) Presentation (Appendix 9)


6. Biomass position paper of the UEF

a) Presentation of the proposal (Appendix 10)


7. Auditors report on final audits for 2006

Auditor of the accounts Mr. C. Christodoulou approved the financial documents and the report.


8. Application for new membership in UEF

  1. Application of the Croatian Forestry Union

UEF Secretary has examined the Statute of the Croatian Foresty Union and it is in accordance with the UEF Constitution. Therefore, the representatives of the Croatian Forestry Union were invited to the GCM according to the provisions of the UEF Constitution.

  1. Approval of the membership

The application was unanimously approved by the participants and the Croatian Forestry Union became member of UEF. Mrs. Gordana Colnar, president of CFU, addressed the Meeting and expressed on behalf of the Croatian Forestry Union its thanks and gratitude to the UEF for accepting her organization as member and she assured that her organization will be active member of UEF. Afterwards she made a brief presentation of her organization and forests and forestry in Croatia.



- Presentation (Appendix 11)

10. Miscellaneous


11. Concluding of the UEF GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING 2007

President Hakan Nystrand closed the GCM expressing his warm thanks to all for their active participation and to the organizers for the excellent preparation of the Meeting.


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