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XXIII UEF Governing Council Meeting 2020 Puszczykowo, Poland

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XXIII UEF Governing Council Meeting in Puszczykowo, Poland


Puszczykowo, Poland, 5 September 2020



The Association of Foresters and Wood Technologists (SITLiD) as a member of the UEF, together with the Polish State Forests National Forest Holding (PGL LP), had planned to host the UEF Governing Council Meeting, which should be held in Puszczykowo, Poland, from 3 rd to 6 th September 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the sanitarian situation, a Governing Council Meeting in the usual form cannot be carried out responsibly this year. Even though travel in Europe is now possible again to a limited extent, there is still the problem of providing accommodation, bus travel, joint meetings and meals for around 50 people from all over Europe without risk.

Due to this extraordinary situation, the UEF Presidency and the Polish member of UEF SITLiD decided that the XXIII UEF Governing council meeting will be held virtual, by E-conference.

The UEF Presidency will be in Poland, in Puszczykowo, 20 km far from Poznan, in the West part of Poland and will chair the Governing Council Meeting, which is planed now on Saturday 5 of September 2020 from 9 to 12 o´clock in the morning.

Our Polish member, SITLID and the UEF Presidency invite all the UEF member organizations to attend this event, in a safe and virtual way.

The meeting will be organized in cooperation with the Polish state forest service.

The official delegates from UEF member organizations should register themselves at the UEF homepage until 15th of August.

Afterwards the delegates will receive all the technical information to attend in an electronic way the official meeting, scheduled on Saturday morning 5th September.

The Agenda of the GCM 2020 is attached and can also be find on the UEF homepage.

We hope that you, your colleagues and your families are all still healthy and look forward to meet you virtually on 5th of September.


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