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XII Governing Council Meeting 2006 Sofia, Bulgaria

28 June - 01 July 2006

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SOFIA, BULGARIA   29.06. 2006





  1. Opening of the Governing Council Meeting


  1. Roll-call of the delegates and approval of the list of delegates


  1. Announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote


  1. Adoption of the Agenda


  1. Applications for new Memberships
    1. Application for membership of the Union of Austrian Foresters from Austria
    2. Application for membership of SINDSILVA from Moldova
    3. Contacts with European forestry organizations for new UEF membership


6.   Progress report from the Presidency

  1. Report of the President
  2. Report of the Vice-Presidents concerning their specific tasks
  3. Report of the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary  

7.  EU matters and the UEF Brussels Committee

  1. The “European Conference on the Forest Based Sector” in Nancy, 2-3 February 2006
  2. The UEF Round Table Meeting in Brussels, 9 March 2006
  3. Other contacts and representation of the UEF in the EU
  4. The role of the UEF in the European Union


8.  Budget, financial matters and the auditing of the accounts

  1. Financial Report by the Treasurer including presentation of the audited accounts
  2. Auditors´ report on final audits

     9.   Working Plan for 2006/2007

    10.  Miscellaneous


    11.   Next meetings of the Governing Council and the Presidency
Governing Council Meeting in Denmark 2007


    12.   Concluding of the Governing Council Meeting 2006 

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