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Presidency meeting in Yundola Bulgaria October 2019

Nice Presidency meeting in Bulgaria


The UBF, Bulgarian member of the UEF, invited the Presidency to attend the 110th anniversary of UBF and the first national Forest pedagogic conference in Bulgaria, in Yundola, in the forest centre for university of Forestry of Sofia.

Warmly welcomed in Yundola, the Presidency members could have a fruitful Presidency meeting in a nice surrounding of Bulgarian autumn forests.


The agenda of the meeting was the following:


Yundola Bulgaria 17.09.2019

 16:00 - 18:30 Presidency Meeting


Minutes from GCM and PM in Maienfeld CH


Review of the last GCM and official registration of UEF in Belgium


Review on past actions and meetings since last Congress

UNECE ToS Green Jobs Madrid / Spain (25th to 27th of June 2019) – Ilpo

UNECE ToS Green Jobs Visby / Sweden (5th to 6th of September 2019) - Ilpo

UNECE ToS Grenn Jobs – autumn - Moscow- Ilpo? (might be cancelled)

14th FP – Congress 2019 in Riga / Latvia (1st – 4th of July 2019) - Thomas & Anna

DG Agri Brussels (12th of July 2019) – Michael

Workshop in July 2019 - Michael

Forest Europe Workshop “Management of Forests …” Istanbul / Turkey (03rd – 04th of September 2019) Tomasz


Upcoming Meetings

UEF Forestry Workcamp – Excursion / Germany (27th of Oct. – 03rd of Nov. 2019) Michael

Forest Europe Expert Level Meeting – Kosice / Slovakia (Oct. 2019) ……?

RTM end of the year 2019 or February / March 2020 together with PM?

Forest Europe Expert Level Meeting – Bratislava / Slovakia (Spring 2020) Tomasz

15th FP – Congress 2020 in Luxembourg (11th – 15th of May 2020) - Thomas & Anna

COFO Rome / Italy (25th of July 2020) Hervé

UEF GCM 2020 (03rd – 06th of Sept. 2020) Poznan / Poland Draft-Topic: “Strategy forest policy in the European Countries”

8th Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (28th – 29th of October 2020) Tomasz / Michael

UEF Congress 2021 France (9th – 13th of June 2021) near Paris (1 hour away) in Chartres Draft-Topic´s: “Forest and Carbon” or “Multifunctional Sustainable Forest Management”

UEF GCM 2022 will be in Finland (near Helsinki) – first part of June;

France is offering a PM at the end of October / beginning of November 2020 (Paris)


Financial matters


Homepage and Communication matters

next PL November (contributions to the PL)

UEF registration




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