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Presidency Meeting 9 October 1994, Gdansk Poland

09 - 09 October 1994

UEF Presidency Meeting in Poland

Congress in Poland:
See the program.

Monday and Tuesday will be problematic.

Wednesday for UEF

Thursday and Friday excursions

Monday: dinner will be official one.
1st program: European forestry policy at the turn of the centuries.
2nd: Forestry and nature conservation.
3rd: Forestry near great human population centers.

In the 1st, we should include the relation with Eastern countries (it could interests EEC,
perhaps Mr. Anz will come and they could support something (Phare program DG 1 450 M of
ECU but not only forestry)).
Polish have contacts with about 11 Eastern countries (include Estonia and Russia). Kees will
ask EEC that we need money to invite these countries.

2. Languages: English and German. And said in the invitation. If we get money by EEC
perhaps a 3rd language but it seems is not necessary. (only problem for French and Italian

Polish have only the address and name of organizations. We need to know more (how many
members, how was the organization built up…). Kees need these to go to EEC. Polish will
write next week. We gave questionnaire. 2 persons for one country to represent.
It would be possible to arrive on Saturday; it must be said in the program. Sunday will be free
program. Sopot is 30 km far from Gdansk.
Karlheinz suggests that opening the Congress only for 60 minutes or less but 90 is too much

For the 1st topic:
20 min. and 10 x 15 min each.
But have we 9 people? It’s important people don’t loose their attention. We must have time for questions and not too many speeches.
So do we have 6 peoples for the 1st subject? Is necessary to fix the speakers as soon as possible: end of October!
Politics or scientist!: Minister, EEC (2, DG1 and DG6), Northern countries (politics, scientist, and companies?), and representatives of forest owners (German?) We have to make a mix between geographical and function of the speaker.
We must have a list of 9 or 10 people, to get 6 at the end.
Polish ministry
Northern countries: economical and political part

Forest management point of view
Don’t forget the south (but is difficult and we talk in Italy) perhaps somebody from Austria, Romania, Germany, Italy,…! (relation wood Eastern countries economical situation).

We have also to talk about change of forestry (policy, economical, management)

2nd topic: Is the same problem. We have to do the best mix from geographical and function.
We have only 240 min., so only 4 to 5 speakers!
If we have 30 minutes more than the program (if opening is only 60 minutes) perhaps is possible to stop at 17 h30 to get more time before dinner? In the house of technical every organization could present themselves (or companies)…

Remark from Kees:
It’s a congress for our members, not a scientist congress and it should interests every member of UEF.

Maybe we can have dinner half an hour after on evening (Tuesday and Wednesday) to have half an hour before dinner. The dinner will be at 19h.

Questions to send to every country:
Speaker? Time for each? Material? Bat it could be too long! Is necessary to ask speakers before the beginning of November.

Tuesday: 2 excursions, and 2 Polish speakers (10 min)
Friday: only 1 long excursion
Do we ask other people to speak about these problematic? No, only the local.
We will have 3 coaches, one for English, one for German, one for Polish or Russian.

Press information
We have to make a press report before and after the congress and to send to the international press. Kess thinks they have their correspondents in Poland. But there is a problem with forestry press. The association must give the address of professional press.
Karlheinz: The first press conference should be during the official opening? Kees thing it would be better one week or 10 days before, to have the information in advance to be here in Monday.
1st interest the press in the congress, 2nd, gives the results of the congress.
Polish say it’s better to do it on Monday.
For the end, we don’t have time to do reports. So we can send them after the congress by fax or everything else. It’s not necessary to have a press conference.
First conference is up to the organization.

KH ask polish to publish a list of participants of the congress at the beginning (prepare before and correct when the delegates arrive).
Organization should make some working group for writing the report of the Congress during it. So it’s necessary to put it in the agenda or to do it in the evening! In Rome, the working groups were made the first day and they worked during the week as they could. UEF must
have discussion about this report…

Wednesday with the delegates of UEF? We should inform our association before to prepare
somebody who could be member of these working groups.
1) Inform the association for people to be in working groups
2) Do the working groups at the beginning of the congress
3) Present the reports on Wednesday during the general meeting of UEF to be discussed and approved.

Only the 2 main topics (Monday and Tuesday’s) works.
There is a partner program on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Kees want the partners to be there during the official part!
All the organizations need to know a little bit to the Congress. We have to send as soon as possible a preliminary program: agenda, cost, dates.

Costs: we must know at the end of October. Kees will have all information and discuss with the organizations.
1. Official Delegates of UEF: reduce prices. 300 USD
2. Partners program: 250 USD (of official delegates)
It’s only the local organization that could know the costs. Fix price, no choice.
3. Other participants: 330 USD
4. Partners of other participants: 280 USD
5. You must make a difference between people who accept double room: + 30 USD for people who want single room (official or not).

We decided to have another presidency meeting in February. It would be about the 11th and 12th of February. It would be interesting to go to Brussels, perhaps on Tuesday? Kess will see if it’s possible. The meeting will be in Kees’s house.



Not very much as happened since Grenoble. He will do paper and visit cards when going home because he didn’t know before if we had enough money to do this. PHARE program: this is nearly confidential now. Kees will have a meeting with Anz to discuss about forestry in this program. Perhaps we could have money for Eastern countries? He just goes to try. Karlheinz like to have a little bit information about this project (list of that is allowed). But it is Eastern countries that must ask EEC.
Wood chain: committee in Brussels: they are waiting for Northern countries coming in EU.
Anz will not be director. If there is a problem, they use the old group.

See the copy. Budget amended.
PB with the Italian. They have paid for the presidency and to send the books. They have to pay subscription and UEF will pay 4200 ECU. SO, 1800 ECU for 1994, 2400 unpaid subscription, and expenditure for Rome congress 4200 ECU.
Luxembourg and Swiss ING have paid for 1993 (605 ECU). Only Germany hasn’t pay.
France will pay 270 ECU because John sent a bill of 270, not 300 as it is in the budget!
We have to ask Italian for a bill.
The Swiss sent a letter to say that Liechtenstein is a part of their association and that they pay for them. Sylvie will send a letter to Liechtenstein to ask them.
Kees has to have contacts with Austria.
Swedish organization wants to get the budget before coming into UEF (and Klink report, what we will do)… So we can send the minutes of Grenoble. Karlheinz will do the job: send auditors report and minutes of Grenoble to Sunesson.
John will send the correct budget to Sylvie.
Brussels Bureau will send a lot of things budget, information about Poland, minutes of
Grenoble, article in Natureuropa.

Presidency election:
We need somebody from the new members of Northern countries. John wants to retired next year from UEF.
Maybe Karlheinz or BDF could be the treasurer and somebody from Finland Vice-president or the opposite.

New Memberships:
Sweden: ST – SKOG and SSF will be members in Gdansk. Sylvie hasn’t any address from Sweden or Norway ask Finland the complete address and ask Sweden and Norway the status and number of members.
Romania: Romsilva: Very strong organization.
Kees had an official letter from the association. Kees like to support their memberships. He thinks they can pay, if there is a problem, they could pay for one vote as Hungary, and being full member later.
Sylvie will have a look at the status (if they are in French).
Association of foresters of Romania: they sent a letter in French. Sylvie has to ask for the status and more information.
Albania: Sylvie has to send the status to Kees to be studied. The wanted to be member of UEF in Grenoble.
Spanish and Portuguese: ask again for the status (Sylvie).
Austria: Polish have contacts with other associations of forester in Austria.

Memberships list:
Sylvie will send questionnaire with minutes of Grenoble to be send with the next mailing by Brussels. So we will have a new list in January, before the next presidency meeting and it will be easier for treasurer to do the budget.

Forestry education:
Is now the job of Karlheinz and he will ask the Finnish.
Sylvie gave a questionnaire to Karlheinz that he didn’t have in Grenoble. It must be this questionnaire that it is to be send to every association.



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