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Presidency Meeting 20 February 1993, Middelburg Netherlands

20 - 20 February 1993


1. Report President:

No possibility to get some money from EEC in this moment (for the Congress of Rome). At this time, the EEC is reorganizing and they have a very low profile. Actually, the only policy of forestry is reforestation; no protection or environmental policy. Kees don’t know if the forestry will be with agriculture or with environment in EEC.

*Kees had a talk with Jeremy Wall (from the DG III now). The intention of DG III is to reactivate the Wood chain committee. But they don’t know what will be its structure and how it will operate. The economic situation is not good and consequently as an influence on the wood chain. Some country like France has started to introduce import restrictions to protect their own production.
The public opinion comes from rainforest, what it is different of productive forest.
The committee has to make a campaign for people to use timber, to change their opinion and to let them know that using timber from productive forest will save them… in all of Europe.

*Role of UEF? Try to go to working groups. But Kees can’t do it alone. The members of the presidency should help him; we can also ask some other members of the associations to go to these committees. Kees thinks is not possible for the members of UEF who are not from the EEC to assist to these meetings.

2. Report Secretary:

*Sylvie has met Hansleo in Nancy in December. He gave her „all” the records he had, but
a lot of them are old (1982,1986,…). She has to check all the addresses of the associations
of UEF. She will fax Hennie please to give her these addresses and she will write all the
associations to ask from their addressee, the name of the president, chairman, secretary,
and the number of members of each association. So she will send this list to every member
of the presidency (and perhaps to all the associations).
*She needs copy of the status of the UEF to send to new members; Kees will give it to
*So, we have a look of the minutes of the Congress in Rome that Hansleo has sent to

  • John asks if it’s possible to make the records in English (or in English and German, but not only in German).
  • Karlheinz asks Kees about the help J.P.Widmer wants to give (and it’s the same with Eric Buijinck). Jean Paul use to go to Strasbourg to the Council of Europe. So, he can help the new presidency to do this job.
  • John will give the documents about the accounts of UEF that Mr. Klink from BDF wanted to see in Rome, at Karlheinz (to give them to Mr. Klink); and Karlheinz will give them back to John when he come in UK in April.
  • The subscription that was accepted in Rome is:

          1. ECU per member with a maximum of 4750 ECU.

  • There is a problem with some country that wants to join us into UEF but cannot pay (for example Eastern Country). And there is another problem with the associations who can pay but who forget (or don’t want). We can say to the associations who have not paid to get back. But is very important that UEF represents a lot of European country; the most we are, the most will be listen by the European Administrations. It’s often only a problem of difference of culture between the North and the South. Kees proposes to keep as members of the UEF the associations who haven’t paid but they can’t vote if the subscription is not paid at all. For the associations who can’t pay the whole subscription, we will propose to them to pay the minimum (500 ECU for big associations). Those two will be „sleeping members”;


Visit of a member of the STAABOSBEHEER
Then have lunch and a look at the North Sea

3.Report Treasurer:

*Swiss: the 2 associations haven’t paid for 1991 and 1992.
Greeks: the Engineer never paid: out!
BDF and Italy haven’t paid for 1992.
*We should count in ECU, it will be easier.
*For 1992: has to be paid:

BDF  2000 ECU
Italy  755 ECU

We will ask Finland and Denmark to pay for ¼ of the year 1992 because Kees did a lot of
costs for them in 1992:

Finland  1187 ECU
Denmark  175 ECU
  5013 ECU


John makes the list of the associations and that they will have to pay in 1993. For starting,
the subscription of Hungarian association will be 500 ECU. Cyprus starts from 1993.
Liechtenstein will pay 100 ECU (for several years because they have few members). We
agree this list:

Country Members Subscription in ECU




Swiss SIA

Swiss USF


Italy (guards) 





























100 (several years)







500 (to start)



    19,452 ECU

4. Future of our Brussels bureau:

We have 1900 ECU of debt with Mr. Van Haaselt. We have to pay it. The work that is doing
our bureau is very good. We pave a post box, telephone, fax, a secretary, a meeting room.
They detect what is happening early so is very useful to us.
We have to go on with Van Hasselt for all the year because we don’t say before that we want
to leave, we should be correct with them.
Kees has talked with the CESI not to be a member of this association, but to use the facilities
of their bureau. But they have no place left. He asked the CIF (Confederation International of
Functionary) but it will be as expensive as Van Hasselt.
John tells us that the associations pay now 1 ECU of 0.4 £ to pay Brussels’s bureau. We can’t
stop now!
We decide to, first and quickly, pay our debts to Van Hasselt; then to keep it for 1993. And
we will see that will happen during this year.

5. Budget for the next future: 1993-1995

*We will have:    

1 Congress in Poland in 1994

1 Governing Council in the beginning in 1995

2 another Presidency Meeting in 1993 and before the Congress in 1995
(and 2 other ones during the GC and the Congress).

*The UEF has also some debts with the President Kees Mol. We have to keep some money
for people who will go to Strasbourg.
*The budget is made with end of Brussels’s bureau in 1993. If everything’s goes well, we will
have 26.400 ECU left. So we could make a new book about UEF.

*The budget is:

Income                 Expenses  
1992 5000 ECU   Congress 10000 ECU
1993 19500 ECU   Governing Council 4000 ECU
1994 19500 ECU   Bureau Brussels 5500 ECU (1993)
1995 19500 ECU   Presidency Meeting (2) 4000 ECU
      Secretary’s expenses 2000 ECU
      President expenses 7500 ECU
      Strasbourg (CE) 2000 ECU
      Bank charges 100 ECU
      Miscellaneous  2000 ECU
  63500 ECU     37100 ECU

6. Ideas for the next Governing Council Meeting:

*Sylvie proposes to do it during the colloquy the SNICEF will organize in Grenoble (France)
in March 1994 about Mountain’s Forest. But it will be difficult because of the dates of this
conference (we have to travel during the week-end to have cheaper prices!).
*We suggest to ask a new member to organize it and why not Finland? It will be in February
1994. Kees will ask the Finnish association.
Perhaps it will be better do to it in Cyprus because of the weather?
*The topic will be „Farm Forestry”, it could interest EEC.
*Karlheinz asks for „Forestry Education”,… see the next paragraph, please.
*The next Presidency Meeting will be on the 23th of October in 1993 (so, 22, 23 and
24/10/1993). Perhaps Athens because the prices of the flight are very cheap and so, we can
have another contacts with the Greeks. Kees will ask them if it’s possible.

7. Follow-up the Rome Congress

*Karlheinz asks about the follow-up of the group about „Forestry education”. We have to
continue its work. Kees will ask J.P. Widmer if he will accept to animate his group.
*Karlheinz asks the secretary to ask the associations of UEF to tell us how the forestry
education manages in each country:
-at different types of education
-different levels
-what needs the country
-if the foreign education is accepted
*Antonio asks John to correct the report of the Congress in Rome quickly (so he will do this
in the ship, during the night!) he needs the addresses of the members of the UEF to send them
this report. Kees need 100 copies. We can put in this document apart of the status of the UEF,
so everybody will have it will know UEF.
Sylvie will ask the SNICEF how many copies they have made for the French Congress in
1988 and will tell it quickly to Antonio.

8. Miscellaneous:

Ministry conference at Helsinki about forestry: Kees was thinking he would have more
information. It will interest all the European country, not only EEC. But Helsinki is far away
and it seems that a lot of country won’t go there so it’s not necessary to go there.
*Ideas for the 1995 Congress in Poland?
It’s to earlier!
*Sylvie was thinking that Kees had more information about the „Questionnaire about UEF’s
work”. She will ask Erik how is going on.
*John asks to have some letter paper. Sylvie and he have only the old one (from the Congress
of Athens). Kees shows to everybody the new one he uses. We decide to get in. Sylvie will try
to make it done in France. Perhaps with envelopes. If it’s not too expensive.
*Karlheinz would like to have a report of the Congress in France. Sylvie will send one to him.

And then, this is the end of the first presidency meeting of the new presidency…
We now have to work!

Le Vigane, 4th of May 1993
Sylvie Grimal

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