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Presidency meeting 27 September 2018 in Cosenza Italy

Presidency meeting in Cosenza before the Italian GCM

The UEF Presidency had a Presidency meeting in Hotel Tasso to prepare the following Italian Governing Council Meeting. 

The agenda of the meeting was:

1    Minutes of PM in Poland (15th and 17th of April 2018)

2    Review on past actions and meetings since last Congress

o  UNECE FAO FCN – Meeting Wageningen (Netherlands) 21st -24th  May 2018

o  Forest Europe Workshop 29th May 2018 Brussels – Belgium

o  UEF Work Camp (9th – 20th July 2018 – Poland)

3.    GCM in Italy from 27th – 30th September 2018 in Calabria

4.    RTM (26th November 2018) and PM in Brussels (27th  November 2018)

5.    Upcoming meetings

o    Forest Europe RTM Bratislava (Slovakia) 19th  September 2018

o    13th FP Congress Pudasjärvi (Finland) 1st – 5th October 2018

o    UEF GCM Switzerland 13th  – 16th  June 2019

o    UEF Congress 2021 France

6.    Financial matters

◦         new UEF bank account in Brussels

7.    Homepage and Communication matters

8.    Members: contact renewing to "sleeping members"; new member activities


After the meeting, the Presidency joined the first arrived delegates to start all together the GCM.


The UEF Presidency

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