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Presidency meeting, 10 June 2010, Annecy France

Presidency meeting, 10 June 2010, Annecy, France

The main topics discussed during the Presidency meeting that took place on 10th of June were the final agenda of the UEF GCM 2011and the work plans of each Presidency member for the year 2010-2011.

The possibility to provide special program for retired people was also discussed. A decision should be taken during the GCM in accordance to UEF members will.

The question about voting rights of those members who hasn’t paid their membership fee was razed.

Mr. Nystrand presented a draft of Position paper on Commission Green Paper that to be discussed and approved by the UEF members during the GCM.

The International Year of Forest 2011 was an issue during the meeting as well. A suggestion was made to implement the IYF 2010 during the UEF GCM 2011.

The presidency member decided a financial support for the participation of IFSA/UEF Student representative at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen 2009 to be provided.

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