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FAO publishes revised classification of forest products

Monday, March 07 , 2022 1529

On 3rd of March FAO published a revised classification of forest products.

The Classification and definitions of forest products 2022 incorporates many new products, including engineered wood products, to reflect innovation and change in the forest sector.

The revised classification covers the entire spectrum of primary and secondary wood and paper products: wood taken from forests or from trees outside forests; bark and cork; charcoal; wood and wood-based materials resulting from processing; and recovered paper and recoverable wood products. 

The new publication results from a long collaboration with the UN Statistics Division Expert Group on International Statistical Classifications and a joint team of specialists on forest product statistics from FAO and the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

FAO has been producing data on the global production and trade of major wood products since 1947.

FAO and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe published the first version of the Classification of forest products in 1973. Three updates have now been published, in 1979, 1981 and 2022. 

The publichation is available at:

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