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UEF attended the first for 2022 Webex Meeting of Forest based Industries Expert Group

Sunday, January 23 , 2022 788


The first for 2022 year meeting of the Expert group on forest-based industry was prepared in a new way.

Every point in the agenda that was presented by commission or other expertise, included a beforehand prepared comment/presentation by one stakeholder organisation close to the subject.

There was a very good balance between the presentations and discussions made by the commission and the stakeholders.

The topics on which most time was dedicated were:

  • Will wood supply be enough after implementation of biodiversity/forest strategy?
  • How can CO2 be reduced, and who will pay for this measures?
  • Deforestation - will national reports be reliable?

The UEF Assistant-secretary Marten Gustafsson attended the meeting.

The UEF Presidency


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