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UEF Presidency letter n°34, December 2022

Sunday, December 04 , 2022 1712

The UEF Presidency is happy to invite you to read the new Presidency letter n°34, December 2022.
In the new issue you will find information about the XXIV UEF Governing Council Meeting 2022, that took place in Finland from 09 to 12 June 2022.
From this issue you will get an updaete on the iniciatives where UEF Presidency members have participated such as COFO, Forest Europe etc. News about the development of Forest Pedagogy activities around Europe are also presented.
An invitation to the next UEF Governing Council Meeting, in Sweden is also available.

Feel free to share this publication with your personal contacts and your colleagues.

The issue is also available from the Document section: 

UEF Presidency

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