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Next UEF GCM in Poland in September

Friday, June 19 , 2015 6075

Dear foresters and UEF members,


The registration is now closed for our next XIX Governing Council Meeting in UstroĊ„-Jaszowiec in Poland, 03 - 06 September 2015.


This UEF XIX Governing council meeting 2015 will be hosted by our Polish Member organization SITLiD.

The meeting will take place in September in Beskidy Mountains, in the South part of Poland.

During the International Seminar, the participants will be able to exchange ideas about “Forestry in the mountains and industrial areas under and after pressure of industries”.


We hope to meet you there.


After the meeting, you'll find  information in our web-site.


The agenda of the GCM

Governing Council Meeting
Ustron-Jaszowiec – Poland

4th of September 2015 (2.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.)

1. Opening of the meeting (President)
2. Role call of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote (Secretary and the treasurer)
3. Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary)
4. Report from the Presidency and Work plans for 2015/16 (Presidency members.)
4.1 Matters on the EU and European level
- Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on Forestry and Cork
- Expert Group on Forest Based Industry (FBI)
- Workgroup on SFM Criteria
- Forest Europe Process and Negotiations about a Legally Binding Agreement for Europe
- Forest Communicators Network
4.2 Reports about UEF´s activities
- Forestry Workcamp - UEF meetings and other UEF projects - Homepage and Information - Sleeping and new members activities
5. Auditors report 2014 (Auditors)
6. Treasurer economical report (Treasurer)
7. next GCM
8. Miscellaneous
9. Concluding of the UEF Governing Council Meeting 2015 (President)


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