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XXI UEF Governing Council Meeting

27 - 30 September 2018

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So far the following persons have registered for this meeting: (some of them along with accompagnying persons)
From Bulgaria
Anna Petrakieva (+1)
Boris Gospodinov
Ivan Paligorov
Sevdalina Dimitrova
From Cyprus
Christodoulos Christodoulou
From Denmark
Bo Kristiansen (+1)
Clara Andersen
Henrik Steffensen Bach (+1)
Jacob Neergaard
Jepep Lange Nielsen
Lars Delfs Mortensen (+1)
Søren Løth
Thomas Langholz Valentin
From Finland
Eero Peltola
Håkan Nystrand
Ilpo Puputti
Jukka Sippola
From France
Hervé Némoz-Rajot
From Germany
Arno Fillies (+1)
Hans Jacobs (+1)
Michael Diemer
From Poland
Tomasz Markiewicz
From Sweden
Björn Karlsson (+1)
Mårten Gustafsson
Thomas Esbjornsson (+1)
Yvonne Hedman Nordlander (+1)
From Switzerland
Beate Hasspacher (+1)
Fabian Leu (+1)
Olaf Zieschang

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