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XVIII th UEF Congress in Finland

Sunday, September 01 , 2013 4317


UEF had is Congress in Saariselkä, Lapland
METO and UFAF organized a nice and fruitful Congress in Finland.
A new Presidency was elected for the next 4 years:
President: Michael Diemer (D)
Vice Presidents: Hervé Némoz-Rajot (F), Ilpo Puputti (SF) and Tomasz Markiewicz (PL)
Secretary: Thomas Baschny (A)
Assistant Secretary: Anna Petrakieva (BG)
Treasurer: Bjorn Karlsson (SW)
Hakan Nystrand and Piotr Grygier, former president and vice president, were warmly thanked for their activities for UEF since years and years.
More details and photos on our homepage soon.

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