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New meeting of the Forest Pedagogic sub-group in November 2020

Tuesday, November 17 , 2020 1990

This regular Forest pedagogy sub-group meeting took place on 5th and 6th of November in a new and unusual virtual way. Similar to all other meetings around Europe this one was also changed from a face-to-face meeting to a virtual one because of the special COVID -19 time.

The meeting was originally planned to take place in Budapest, but because of the pandemic situation only a virtual one was possible. Two members of the UEF Presidency represented UEF in this meeting, Anna Petrakieva, treasurer and Thomas Baschny, secretary, via ZOOM platform.


The unusual situation had its positive side however. For the first time since the foundation of this subgroup 21 participants (Forest Pedagogy actors) were able to join the meeting.


During two days members of the sub-group discussed what is going on around European countries and how the Forest pedagogy activities are implemented in Corona times. The importance of a good and well working web-page, giving advices, hints and tips for Forest Pedagogy activities was underlined.


The next plans and future steps were also part of the agenda. The 15th Forest Pedagogy Congress in Luxembourg (Echternach) was planned for the period from 2nd to 3rd of June 2021. The topic of the Congress will be “Forests for human wellbeing – more important than ever”. Having in mind the health security measures, the members of the sub-group took a decision to organize next congress as a Hybrid one. The maximum number of participants was set to 50 people, as the rest of those who are willing to join will have to be present via internet.


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