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XXIII UEF Governing Council Meeting in Poland in September 2020

Wednesday, March 18 , 2020 608

The XXIII UEF Governing council meeting will be in Poland, in Puszczykowo, 20 km far from Poznan, in the West part of Poland. It is planed from 3 to 6 September 2020.


Luckily, at this time, we all hope that the coronavirus crisis will be over.

A final decision will be taken at the beginning of July and you'll have all necessary information.


Registration will open at the beginning of July.


The IX UEF Governing Council Meeting was held in the same place in Poland from 10 to 12 October 2002, 18 years ago.


Our Polish member, SITLID is happy to invite all the UEF member organizations to attend this event.

The meeting will be organized in cooperation with the Polish state forest service.


You'll find just on time all the necessary information on our website, in order to register yourself to attend this next important UEF meeting.



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